Meet the Designer of Pedram Couture

Pedram Pasha Taheri

Pedram Pasha Taheri is a young Persian entrepreneur based in New Orleans, with a background in Interior Design. His keen sense of style opened doors in the field of textile and apparel merchandising, and along with his love of all things beautiful, let him into the world of fashion. Initially located in Los Angeles, Pedram worked as a clothing stylist for celebrities, athletes, and discriminating clients from coast to coast.

World travel and exposure to many different cultures serve as a continual inspiration. Pedram’s visionary creativity produces incomparable one-of-a-kind pieces tailored with extreme attention to detail. His work reflects the incorporation of classic elegance and contemporary style. His clients are the canvas for the exquisitely meticulous art, that are his garments. He selects fabrics from Chanel, Valentino, Carolina Herrera, Alexander McQueen, and other world famous fashion houses to create his extraordinary pieces.

Since his FW’14 collection debuted at NYFW in February, he has appeared on the cover of magazines and newspapers. Numerous articles have been written about Pedram and his line, and he has been interviewed for local and international television. He is an up and coming designer who, in less than a year, has climbed up the ladder and, as one article stated, Pedram is a,  “force to be reckoned with.”IND Style

Pedram’s role in the world of fashion will be personified by the beauty and integrity that will elevate his designs into the realm of the elite. “I wanted to do women’s clothing, so I started Pedram Couture, focusing primarily on evening wear. I love elegance and transferring that into fashion. I love seeing women at their best, that whole before and after thing … glamour, sophistication.”            – Pedram Pasha Taheri

The Essence of Glam

“Pedram Pasha Taheri is a force to be reckoned with on the runway. The Louisiana designer sent down dresses Friday night that were the glamazon rulers of all things glam during Fashion Week NOLA. While his floor length gowns were a study in sexy sophistication, it was the jumpsuits and one seriously amazing romper that were perhaps truly the stand outs. His flawless use of embellishment and sparkling fabrication paired with super revealing cuts that managed to stay far from the tawdry zone are truly a feat. Timeless and yet totally cutting edge, Pedram Couture balanced that fine line between what’s next and what’s actually wearable.”  – Amanda Bedgood, fashion columnist for IND Style

“Pedram Pasha Taheri is an overnight success.  For the first time, his collection was showcased to the world at New York Fashion Week. Now, Pedram is one of the most anticipated designers at Fashion Week New Orleans. Pedram is a rising star in the local fashion scene.  His work is making the pages of local fashion spreads, including the cover of Amelie G Magazine. Pedram’s inspiration comes from his native Iran. In his collection, beauty reigns supreme. Elegance is what Pedram does best.  It’s his style that’s sure to blow you away!”  – Deepak Saini, fashion reporter for WGNO | ABC

Pedram Couture: A Year in Review


After having such a great year, the thought comes to mind that when you pursue your passion you will succeed. All of the busy weeks and hard work rarely enter your mind because you are living your your dream. It is then when you are able to share your unique wealth abundantly with all those who encounter you and then you, yourself, are able to become a role model and shining light of inspiration to others.

It is not until looking back over 2014, that one realizes the innumerable amount of accomplishments that occurred for Pedram Couture. It is hard to believe that in the past year, Pedram had his first debut of Pedram Couture, showcased his work at New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week and New Orleans Fashion Week. Not to forget, the 10 magazines that featured Pedram Couture, half of which he was featured on the front cover, the numerous amount of interviews for television and radio, as well as the countless online articles and publications covering his work.

Throughout a wonderfully hectic year, Pedram was still able to find time to give back by attending and participating in many charity events, fundraisers, and galas. He also makes it a point to attend the weddings of all his bridal clients, sometimes having to make two in one day. The past year’s hard work and dedication allowed Pedram to design dresses for some top-tier celebrities and red carpet events. It is his passion for his art and the joy it brings not only to him, but to others that keeps this young couture designer and entrepreneur diligently working towards his goal of being a fashion elite. The support and appreciation that Pedram, his colleagues and models receive from their admirers, friends, clients and fans is what truly makes it a dream come true.

The Expanding Collections of Pedram Pasha Taheri

Currently, Pedram has three exquisite haute labels in his expanding couture collection. Pedram Couture now fashions bridal couture, evening wear and ready-to-wear, the newest addition to the Pedram Couture collection. With the introduction of the new Ready-to-Wear collection, a collaboration between Pedram Couture and Want My Look, Pedram has made his high quality design and fashion accessible to the everyday woman who likes to look amazing without having to spend the fortune required to dress couture.

Pedram has meticulously fashioned each label with utmost attention to quality, detail and elegance, which are hallmarks of his design integrity and flawless craftsmanship. This is great news for his internationally expanding group of followers, admirers and clients alike. Just in case, you may be new to the work of Pedram Pasha Taheri, he has achieved high international status as a well-respected couture designer showcasing his work at the most renowned national fashion shows in addition to completing three entire lines of luxurious sophisticated garments and he has accomplished all of this in just his first year! So… fans, collectors and admirers, you have no need to fret. Pedram Pasha Taheri is just getting started on his path to becoming an elite designer and fashion powerhouse. The only thing to do now is continue to show your much appreciated support and… of course, get a bigger closet! Pedram and his colleagues are excited about 2015 and look forward with joy continuing to provide the fashion of tomorrow.


Thank you to all of our fabulous colleagues, associates and suppliers.

Pedram’s vision and creativity produce incomparable one-of-a-kind pieces tailored with extreme attention to detail. His work reflects the incorporation of classic elegance and contemporary style. Pedram hand selects fabrics from Chanel, Valentino, Carolina Herrera, Alexander McQueen, and other premier fashion houses to create his extraordinary pieces.